How to get self-motivation to exercise.

Sometimes getting the motivation to exercise is extremely hard for some people. Somedays you are in it to win it and other days you want your goal but don’t want to put any effort and exercise. So here’s a few tips to gain self-motivation to exercise.

The first tip is to change your perspective. Change your mindset from thinking like a lazy person to an athlete. Think of it this way if you keep making excuses not to exercise there will be a very high chance of not making your goal to consistently exercise.

The next tip is make a goal for yourself. Your goal doesn’t have to be a 5k run every day. It can be a simple 10 minute yoga class or something similar. If you need to buy some fancy workout attire to keep you motivated

Think of eating the same meal everyday for every meal. Wouldn’t that get boring? I’m not saying that’s wrong but if you have to you do you. It’s the same concept for exercising. You can change your routine to have fun and variety. Maybe change where you work out everytime or twice a week. One day have your exercise in the living room and then the next workout exercise outside.

The last tip is to reward yourself. After all the effort you put in to exercise reward yourself with a special treat like a smoothie or a movie you really wanted to watch,or just something to help you keep up your motivation.

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How to overcome distractions

We have multiple distractions everyday that makes it hard to focus whether its work or school. I will share a few tips and tricks to overcome your distractions.

The first distraction is very common for many people. Many of us can get very distracted by our phones. So the tip is put your phone on silent and put it across the room so you won’t get distracted. If you want to you can check on it every 30 to 45 minutes until you have a break.

The next tip is get at least 8 hours of sleep if you can. Sleep is very important because sleep affects your memory, concentration ,and brain function. When you have not gotten enough sleep you can get very distracted very easily.

If you have distracting co-workers or class mates you can kindly ask them to stop talking to you and if that doesn’t work you can try a pair of headphones. Headphones give the clue that says I’m working so please stop talking to me. Just make sure your school or work allows it.

Stress can also play a big part of your distraction. Sometimes we get very overwhelmed while we are trying to work which causes us to be very easily distracted. You can help your stress by taking deep breaths or use a stress or fidget toy to help calm and relax yourself.

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Tips to traveling on your first flight

First time flying? Here are some tips to help you make it to your destination stress free.

We are going to begin with the carry-ons. Carry-ons are the things I want right near me at all times. Carry-ons are the things I carry around everywhere. I normally bring things like chapstick and a small bottle of lotion because it’s really dry after a plane flight especially if it’s an international flight.

The tips you have been waiting for. I am sure many of you know this tip but if you have a larger carry-on that makes it through the size restriction then just pack your fanny pack or smaller carry-on inside of it. It will save you in the long run.

The next tip is pack healthy snacks. Protein bars and dried fruit are great at holding you over through the flight especially since airport food is unhealthy and overpriced.

This is a very important tip for some of you but make sure all your devices are charged before your flight because you never know when you can charge your phone or device or bring a battery pack.

This is one of my necessities but bring earplugs. If you want to be able to sleep on a plane then I suggest some earplugs. Some people can be very loud and some babies could start screaming so there goes your sleep.

The last tip is one of the most important tips there is. Make sure you arrive at least two hours before departure time. It gives you plenty of time if you get lost and you can make it through security before your departure.

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The key to beauty

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Many of us are putting many makeup products on our faces everyday that cost hundreds of dollars to make ourselves “prettier”. Sure you might want a nice bold red lipstick but do you really need it? The answer is no people do not need makeup because we are all very beautiful in our own way.

Women and girls can spend approximately 15 to 30 minutes or 45 minutes to one hour putting on makeup in the morning while you could be getting some extra sleep.

An average woman in the U.S. spends around 300,000 on makeup in her lifetime. That’s a really nice car you could buy but instead people choose to buy makeup. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to buy makeup because I have bought some makeup in the past. Sometimes it’s nice to cover up a few pimples or acne.

The key if you want a beautiful looking face is get plenty of sleep. Sleep helps eliminate dull skin and dark under eye circles.

The next tip to a beautiful face is your diet. What you decide to put in your body reflects on the outside. Our skin gets its nourishment from the vitamins and minerals in the foods we eat. Proper nutrition will help you skin steer clear of acne and pimples.

Water is an essential part of life so it plays an important role with our skin. It clears breakouts, hydrates skin,and helps even out our skin tone.

The first thing a person sees is your face. Happiness radiates, and often a person’s personality will come through as an attractiveness to others. Remember everybody is beautiful in their own way.