Summer sweet treat ideas

Welcome back fellow readers and welcome to the new readers,thanks for stopping by. Today I figured out how to use a featured image so that was cool but I am back again with another food related post 😂 sorry for the people that don’t enjoy them.I promise I will do some different posts in the future.


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Popsicles are great for the hot weather depending on where you live but if you’re like me I eat popsicles all year round just because I love them. If you think they’re not healthy you are somewhat right depending on if you use the store bought ones. If you make them yourself you can put your favorite fruits,juices,and more which could make them healthier. I don’t eat them everyday but occasionally I do.


YUM! I have a delicious Homemade Cherry Icee Recipe for Summer that you're sure to love and so will the kids! This is the perfect summer icee that will cool everyone down on a hot summers day!

These are probably one of my favorite sweet treats I like to get in the summer. They have a lot of sugar so you should probably watch how many you get or not it’s up to you. I usually get mine from restaurants but you can also make them so I will definitely have to try it.

3.Ice Cream

This vanilla ice cream recipe is really easy to make! It has a lot of delicious flavor, and it's a custard based ice cream recipe. This homemade vanilla ice cream is churned, making it extra creamy. #saltandbaker #icecream #vanilla #homemadeicecream #recipe #easy #dessert #frozendessert #custard
I know people might not like vanilla ice cream but I just sed the picture as an example

Ahh! the good old ice cream. Ice cream comes in many good and many weird flavors. I haven’t really made ice cream at home but maybe I will have to try it one day.

4.Frozen Yogurt (Similar to ice cream but not)

Real Frozen Yogurt — hooray! Made with only three ingredients — Greek yogurt, sugar and vanilla — the base for this frozen yogurt comes together in about one minute, and after an hour of chilling, it's ready to be churned There's nothing like homemade frozen yogurt on a hot summer day. So easy and fresh and delicious. #yogurt #frozen #real #diy #homemade #summer

I personally love frozen yogurt especially since I can make my own although I haven’t done like hardly any of these which I am ashamed of. Frozen yogurt in my opinion is above all the deserts in the world. I’m not sure if anyone can relate but if you can that is WONDERFUL!!!

5.Lemon Bars

Bright, tangy lemon bars recipe with a shortbread crust and lemon custard filling. A simple powdered sugar dusting makes these fruit bars a classic!

We have made it to the last idea which is lemon bars. They are not really my favorite treat but they are pretty good. I’m not sure why I’m not a fan of them but there’s just something I don’t really like in the flavoring.

Well you have made it to the end of my post. I hope you enjoyed and if you have tried any of these feel free to comment

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What I eat in a day: Summer Edition

Welcome back fellow readers, I am back again with another food-typed post haha so before I start I wanted to inform you all that I post every Monday unless I forget which has happened a few times *sigh. I am going to share with you all what I normally eat in a day. Note: I am on a vegetarian diet or lifestyle whatever you want to call it.

Let’s start with breakfast because of course it is the most important meal of the day which I don’t really eat great breakfasts. I normally eat a protein,fruit,and a carb which I’m not sure why I eat carbs for breakfast 😂. Protein that I eat for breakfast normally is morning star farms or a protein bar depending on what we have in our house. For fruit I try to eat whole fruits but sometimes I just eat fruit cups which we mostly have just mandarin oranges and peaches. Now we have made it to the unhealthy part which is the carbs which is basically just processed frozen potatoes which is linked if you wanted to see what kind I eat.

Lunch is my favorite meal of the day only during school because it means school is almost over haha. Generally in the summer though I normally don’t eat lunch and just eat a small snack if I am hungry. Snacks include applesauce,granola bars,and junk food and yes junk food is not healthy which I try not to eat too much of it.

The last meal of the day probably my least favorite though. I generally eat whatever is made unless it is just too disgusting for me. I try to eat almost everything but on rare occasions I do waste it.

You have officially made it to the end of this post. CONGRATULATIONS!! thank you so much for reading and yes I do know I eat very unhealthy 😂 Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you in the next post.

My favorite somewhat healthy snacks

Hi fellow readers,It has been a while since I posted anything so sorry about that but today I want to discuss my favorite somewhat healthy snacks because why not? Disclaimer:all pictures are from Pinterest

My first snack choice is some sort of chip or cracker but it depends what we have in our pantry. We currently have veggie straws in our pantry so I have been eating those sometimes but they are getting to be a little bit repetitive so I have been trying to cut back on them.

My next snack I like to eat are mandarin orange fruit cups or mandarin orange fruit cups with gel. It’s like a sweet treat so I don’t eat it too often.

Sweeten up snack time with one of these fruit cups. Fruit and gel flavors make a delicious pair, and the cups are easy to take to go.  Fruit and gel flavors offer a delicious combination in each cup. Includes peaches in strawberry gel and mandarin oranges in orange gel.  Cups are easy to pack with your lunch and take to go. Peel-off lid allows quick and easy opening.  No cholesterol, fat or trans fat for a healthier snack option.

The last snack I eat is either a granola bar or some fruit depending on what I am in the mood for I generally take the granola bar over the fruit.

Nature Valley Crunchy Oats 'N Honey Granola Bars - 6ct

Well…I hope you enjoyed reading my favorite somewhat healthy snacks. I hope you all have a great day and I’ll see you all next time.