Celebrating 1 Year of Blogging

Good evening readers! Welcome back to the blog. It’s good to “see” you all again. I hope you all are doing well and excited for today’s post because we are celebrating 1 year of blogging. March 28( Sorry I’m late lol this was the earliest I could get this up)marks one year on this blog which is absolutely crazy to me. I never thought I’d make it this far on my blog.

Throughout my blogging “career” I’ve had plenty of disappointments and exciting things happen to me but I’ve truly learned many valuable things. I am so grateful for all of you who have left kind comments and have supported me by following my blog or even just the people that read my content.

I am so glad my mom convinced me to try blogging because it has been so good for me. I have been able to let my creativity flow and it’s been a super fun journey. I’ve even learned some basic graphic design skills which is very handy.

As we go into another year of blogging, I hope to keep creating entertaining content for all ages to enjoy. See you all next time on the blog πŸ™‚

A Typical Day in My Life: Sunday Edition

Hello everyone! I am so glad to be back on this blog. I would like to thank you all for understanding my absence last week. I feel much more refreshed and motivated to created more content. In this week’s post I decided to share what my Sunday’s are like. Let’s get on with it ➑

Disclaimer: Not all my Sunday’s are like this πŸ™‚

1. Wake Up

Generally I wake up somewhere between 7:00 and 8:00 A.M but this morning I woke up at 7:54 A.M. I watched a movie before bed so I wasn’t able to go to sleep right away.

2. Breakfast

I ate a donut when I woke up because I was so hungry but aside from that I had French toast which was so delicious, vegetarian sausages, and some potatoes.

Thanks mom for cooking delicious breakfasts πŸ™‚

3. Social Time

After breakfast I played with my dogs for a few hours and chatted with my friends and family.

4. Blog

Now I am working on this post that you are currently reading. If you make it to the end tell me how I did. I am always up for tips to improving my blog content πŸ™‚

6. Tv

What’s a Sunday without tv? I pretty much watch TV every Sunday due to boredom and lots of freetime.

7. Dinner

I divulge the last meal of the day. Today I had leftovers and a bit of junk food.

8. Bedtime

I pretty much finished the day off with a bit more tv and then I went to sleep.

Thank you so much for joining me through my day. I enjoyed sharing what I do pretty much every Sunday.

My Night Routine

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day yesterday. I know I enjoyed relaxing on the couch all day haha. Since I did a school morning routine which you can check out here. I thought it’d be fun to give you a sneak peak into what a typical night is like for me. Let’s get this show on the road.

4:45-5:00 P.M

After dinner, I usually sit on the couch for a few minutes and then I help clean up dinner. It takes about 15 minutes depending on if we have a big mess to clean up.


During this time I sometimes blog if I feel really motivated but mostly I am so exhausted from school I plop down on the couch and watch tv shows.


Recently I have been doing workouts from this app called Fiton. It has so many workouts that you can choose from and it’s free. Most of the workouts I’ve tried don’t need any heavy gym equipment so that can be very convenient for some of you.

P.S. I promise you this post is not sponsored πŸ™‚


I normally take a shower at this time because I don’t have time in the morning and I’m just a night-time shower type of person.


Since I’m already in the bathroom, I like to brush my teeth and clean my face while I’m drying off. It saves me time and I don’t have to make another trip to the bathroom.


This is my wind down time. I like to shut my phone off so I don’t get disturbed and I like to do some stretches before bed. I hardly ever read but very very rarely I do some light reading.


I’m sure many of you are very confused as to why I go to bed so early but since I wake up at 6:00 every morning, I have to go to bed early so I can function and be able to do my schoolwork.

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My Winter Bucket List

Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog. I hope you had a Merry Christmas last Friday. I know I did, I got a lot of presents and a lot of smiles from the people I gave gifts to. In this post I decided (since it technically is winter) to share my winter bucket list. I don’t really make bucket lists but I decided to this time so let’s get on with the post.

Disclaimer: None of these photos are mine πŸ™‚

1.Bake Cookies

Cookies, Plate, Christmas Cookies, Treats, Snacks

Baking cookies are definitely at the top of my list. I recently have been super interested in cooking and baking so I am definitely going to try to bake cookies before my break is over and I also got a lot of cookie cutters and baking tools for Christmas so I’m very excited to use them.

2. Build a Snowman

Snow Woman, Snowman, Snow, Winter, Cold, Fun, Woman

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to build a snowman but if there’s enough snow for that I’ll be sure to take lots of photos πŸ™‚

3.Go Sledding

**Insert Stock Photo Here**

Well I couldn’t find a picture but sledding is always so much fun especially when you try to sled with your dog. They never can sit still for some reason.

4. See the Christmas Lights

Angel, Figurine, Ornament, Angel Figurine

Even though Christmas has ended just know I did see Christmas lights and that was such a blast. I loved seeing all the lights and they even had synchronized lights that matched the music.

5.Listen to Christmas Music

I pretty much listened to Christmas music all through the month of December every single day so that was fun. Most of the songs were replayed on that station so that was fun.

6.Celebrate the New Year

New Year'S Eve, Fireworks, Beacon

I don’t know about you but what I call celebrating the new year is cracking a glow stick. I don’t really stay up or countdown mainly because it’s not something I’ve ever done or need to do.

7.Watch Movies all Day

Popcorn, Movies, Cinema, Entertainment

I’ve definitely done this and not because I wanted to but because I was bored and lazy. To whoever’s reading this I want to tell you a piece of advice. Don’t watch movies all day. It is extremely boring and you have better things to do than watch movies all day you’re welcome for the wonderful advice πŸ™‚ (This is just my opinion, If you want to watch movies all day it’s your choice)

8.Make a Fort

Blanket forts are so much fun to build and stay in. They’re mostly easy to build and take down and if you don’t have a lot of space you shouldn’t have to worry.

9.Snowball Fight

Stock Photo|Multicultural family playing snowball fight.

Last year I had a blast throwing snowballs at my dogs. They didn’t seem to enjoy that so I threw them at my sister. That was absolutely amazing and don’t worry no animals or humans were harmed in the making.

10. Call my Friends

I should probably call my friends more often than I do. We all have different schedules so it is kind of hard but if you’re reading this, this is a sign to call your friends.

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. I know I did πŸ™‚ I was at school just thinking about what to blog about and it suddenly hit me. I thought about our white elephant gift exchange (which is cancelled this year) and realized to post about my last minute gift ideas so that is what I am posting about today. Let’s get started on with the post.


I don’t know about you but I haven’t been in a situation(well…at least remember a situation)where I needed to get someone a gift ASAP mainly because I buy gifts so early but I hope these ideas will be able to help you.

1. Blanket

I think blankets are a wonderful gift to whoever you are gifting it to. Blankets are always necessary unless you live in a very warm place but other than that blankets have such soft fabric and they come in such cute patterns and colors.

2. Gift Cards

Gift cards are also a great option to gift to someone but visa gift cards are probably one of the best gift cards to gift to someone you don’t really know or aren’t sure about what they want because they can pretty much buy whatever they want with a visa gift card.

3. Cute Coasters

Coasters are also a great addition to hosting family gatherings and other events and if you want to go the extra mile; personalized coasters are the icing to the cake.

4.Hot chocolate set

Hot chocolate sets are a great gift for anyone. Whether it’s store bought or DIY ed (is that even a word?) I’m sure anyone would love a cute little hot chocolate set.

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Questions for you

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

What’s your favorite thing to do in the month of December?

Leave your comment in the comment section; can’t wait to hear from you πŸ™‚

Thanksgiving Blog Ramble

Hello guys! Welcome back to the blog. I hope you all are doing well and staying healthy. This post is kind of different than what I normally post but I have a few things to share with you which are pretty exciting(well to me at least)so without further ado let’s get started

First of all Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you all have a wonderful day visiting with friends and family. I am so ready to stuff my face with super good food which I hope your food is super yummy too. I am so grateful for so many things I can’t even count them all. I am so grateful for my family and pets. I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

We hit 100 followers!!! I am so grateful for all of you who have supported me through my blogging journey. When I started blogging, I really didn’t know what would happen to my blog. I started it out as a hobby during quarantine and I am so grateful I did. I’ve learned so many cool things about blogging and I look forward to making more content.

Well this post was sort of short but I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and thanks again for 100 followers. I look forward to seeing you all in the next post.

My Winter Favorites 2020

Hey guys! I hope you all are doing well. I am back with another post and I believe this is the first ever “seasonal” post I’ve done on this blog so this should be very interesting. I hope you enjoy and without further ado (I finally learned it should be ado not adieu lol) let’s get started.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored

Michael Kors Pom Pom Cable Knit Beanie

I don’t know about you but I definitely do not like my head feeling frozen in the winter. I recently got this hat from Tj Maxx and I love it. I haven’t used it too much because it’s not winter yet but I’m very excited to use it in the winter.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion with Oat for Dry Skin, 18 fl. oz

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion with Oat for Dry Skin

It’s that time of year when our skin gets so cracked it bleeds. I definitely don’t like when that happens so I use this Aveeno lotion. It works really well and if you don’t like smells, lucky you because it has no fragrance.

Frosted Coconut Snowball Moisturizing Body Wash
Frosted coconut snowball moisturizing body wash

I recently got this body wash as a free gift from Bath and Body Works and can I just say, it smells oh so good. I wouldn’t recommend for people who don’t like coconut but if you’re up for trying new scents I would totally recommend this one.

White Flower Top Wallflowers Fragrance Plug
White flower top wallflowers fragrance plug

I have two of these actually and they make your room smell so good. You can choose any fragrance you want and they just make your room feel more cozy for some reason. These plugs basically get plugged into the wall and the little container at the bottom makes it smell really good. The great thing is some of the plugs are under $5 if you’re not sure about getting one.

Fluffy socks

I think fluffy socks are a big help in the winter especially if you have hardwood floors and some fluffy socks are just pure adorable like the ones in the picture above.

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My Experience in Las Vegas: Part 2

Hello! Welcome back to the blog. I hope you all are doing well and ready for another post on my experience in Las Vegas. Before we start, if you haven’t read part 1 click here. Anyway without further adieu let’s get started.

March 17…Day 2 (technically day 3)

On March 17, we did a lot more sightseeing in detail. We went slower and took the time to get out of the car to take the photos. We also shopped for souvenirs (which are not pictured below)

Some photos at the Las Vegas Strip

After “sightseeing” we got to do something super cool. We were able to visit the shop from the show “Pawn Stars”. That was super cool seeing it on tv and now in real life. It was quite smaller than shown on tv which was quite surprising to me. Before you ask, no we did not get to see the actual stars of the show. That would be super cool though.

After looking around for this shop, we made our way to Red Rock Canyon and it was so beautiful. It was quite windy but it was worth the drive and if you were wondering, I did get to take a quick nap πŸ™‚

After we were finished visiting, we went back to the hotel and “chilled” (as in watched tv)in the room. Since we went right before covid-19 quarantine, we decided to leave one day early so we could go back home instead of being stranded in Las Vegas.

We packed and got ready for the next day and the long hours of waiting.

March 18…day 3

We left the resort around 3 in the morning and got ready to return our rental car and start waiting for our flight to board. I was so tired I can hardly remember what actually happened but my pictures carry the memories of a life time.

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What’s in My Makeup Bag

Hello guys! Guess who’s back from a long break. I finally had the motivation and the time that I need to write this post so I figured I’d take advantage of it. Since some of my makeup is expiring, I thought I’d do a “What’s in my makeup bag” to remember the products I liked and didn’t like for the future, and who knows maybe you’ll end up liking some of the products too, so without further adieu let’s get started.


First of all, this is the bag I use to store all my stuff in. I got two of these bags from H&M for $3 which was a great price considering it could’ve been more. So far they’ve both held up very nicely and they do their job well.

This is the next thing I have is this ELF dewy setting mist. It is a great product but it also smells like coconut paradise which is a plus. The only bad thing I would say is the pump makes the product come out a little hard unless you spray quite a few feet away.

This is the primer I like to use and also the only primer I’ve ever had. I haven’t tried any other primers but this one works pretty well for my skin type. It keeps my skin from being too oily and overall smooths my face.

There would normally be a picture of my brushes but I looked everywhere to insert them but I just have a 6 pack of full face brushes and two duo eye brushes.

This is my foundation I use sometimes. It’s a good foundation for my skin but it’s a little heavy on the makeup for me. I will probably not be buying a foundation in the future because I prefer a more natural look.

I have a concealer but it’s two orangey for my skin, so I will not include a picture of that ,but if you wanted to know what I use. I use the ELF 16 hr camo concealer. It’s really a nice formula but a bit too orange.

This was an awesome mascara I used for quite awhile. It had a great formula and worked really well. It was never really clumpy and it passed the waterproof test for me.

This is the Elf Glow Gleam Beam highlighter palette and what can I say? It is so nice. It has three glittery shades and three metallic shades perfect for whatever look you want.

This palette is super colorful. I’ve played around with some of the colors but I tend to stick around to the more neutral kinds of shades with this palette. When I go out of my comfort zone, I definitely like the bright yellows and oranges as they are two of my favorite colors.

This is the last item I have is a 16 pan eyeshadow palette with all neutral colors. I got this palette for $11.97 and I do not regret it although I haven’t used it too terribly much, I definitely like this item.

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My Must Have Phone Apps

Hello! Welcome back to the blog, I hope you all are doing well. Today I decided I would share some of my must have phone apps. I use my phone a lot at least once a day at the minimum so I thought this would be a cool post to do. So without further adieu let’s get started.


I’m sure many of you have heard of Pinterest, but if you haven’t you should definitely look into getting it. I use it to discover many recipes, blog ideas, and more. I also have a separate account for this blog so if you would like to follow it, it will be linked here.


One of the most used apps which I probably watch a little too much on here. I definitely could live without it but it’s just a nice privilege I have. There’s not too much I can say about Netflix because most people know about it ,but if you don’t know what it is click here



I use this app so much on my phone to check my stats and stuff and it’s so useful especially when I can’t use the laptop. If you didn’t know a few of my posts I have actually made on my phone like the Earth to Skin: Skincare Review .

4.I Love Hue

Cover art

This is such a fun game I absolutely love to play. It’s so relaxing and really rewarding to me for some reason. I just love seeing the heart light up when you complete the level. The best thing is that it’s challenging but not so challenging it’s frustrating.

5. Ukulele Tabs

Since I play the ukulele (as I told my experience in this post) I use to always search online to find the tabs for the ukulele but now I can just find the song in this app which is so nice.

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P.S comment down below if you want a what’s on my phone