My Favorite Summer Snacks

Good Morning Readers! Can you believe it’s already Friday? This whole week I felt like it was Friday everyday. It was a fairly busy summer week for me. You would think I would be bored out of my mind but I surprisingly kept busy somehow. Anyway for today’s post I decided to share my favorite summer snacks. Let’s get started then.

1. Ants On A Log

I have recently been eating ants on a log quite a lot. I love how the raisins balance out the peanut butter so it’s not as sweet. It’s also healthy-ish so you don’t have to worry about eating too many of these.

2. Cheez-its

Of course I couldn’t forget one of my favorite snacks which are Cheez-its. These are definitely not as healthy as the ants on a log but they’re so good. I have been eating so many Cheez-its my ears got plugged. That was not a fun experience for me and I don’t recommend eating that many Cheez-its 😉

3. Orange Slices

I also have been eating a ton of oranges. I like to slice them in wedges and they’re so yummy.

4. Raisins and Cashews

I have an odd obsession with eating raisins and cashews. It’s like a mix of sweet and semi-sweet(depending on your cashews) It tastes even better with white chocolate chips.

5. Popcorn

I also really like to eat popcorn. I really love the Orville Redenbacher mini bags because they are the best snack size bags. They’re probably half the size of the normal sized popcorn bags. When I don’t want to eat a whole bag I just grab these and they’re perfect.

Thank you so much for reading my favorite summer snacks. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Stay tuned for more summer posts coming shortly. Have a wonderful day 🙂

Life Update + A Very Exciting Thing

Hey everyone! Good morning and welcome to another blog post about my life. Today we are going to get a little more personal than usual. It has been quite awhile since my last blog post and I decided to share why it has been so long. I also have a very exciting thing to discuss so keep reading to find out about it. As usual let’s get started ⬇

Over the past 4 weeks, my weeks just keep getting busier and busier as I head into summer vacation. I have just been planning and planning for various and sundry things and trying to get ready for my next adventure. I will admit although I love to plan, it has been a bit stressful for me. I will still try my best to create content for you all. I can’t promise to stick to my regular schedule so I might skip a week if I’m too busy.

Although this may be a little disappointing, I should be back to a more regular schedule during the summer time as I have plenty of time to create content on the blog. Who knows I might even start a series of some sort. Whatever happens to this blog in the future, I want you all to know how grateful I am to be able to create content for this blog. I appreciate all the kind comments you all have given me and I look forward to this blog’s future 🙂

Now I will share the “Very Exciting Thing.” If you couldn’t tell, I have revamped my blog into a more “boho” theme. I am really into the boho\minimalist feel so I was very happy with the results. I love the terracotta color so it fit into my theme perfectly. I am still in the process of creating a new logo so be sure to look out for that. I may or may not do a post on that showcasing it.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my posts again 🙂 I definitely missed blogging on here. Hope you have a great week and see you next time!

Celebrating 1 Year of Blogging

Good evening readers! Welcome back to the blog. It’s good to “see” you all again. I hope you all are doing well and excited for today’s post because we are celebrating 1 year of blogging. March 28( Sorry I’m late lol this was the earliest I could get this up)marks one year on this blog which is absolutely crazy to me. I never thought I’d make it this far on my blog.

Throughout my blogging “career” I’ve had plenty of disappointments and exciting things happen to me but I’ve truly learned many valuable things. I am so grateful for all of you who have left kind comments and have supported me by following my blog or even just the people that read my content.

I am so glad my mom convinced me to try blogging because it has been so good for me. I have been able to let my creativity flow and it’s been a super fun journey. I’ve even learned some basic graphic design skills which is very handy.

As we go into another year of blogging, I hope to keep creating entertaining content for all ages to enjoy. See you all next time on the blog 🙂

Spring Break at Pigeon Forge + Gatlinburg

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the blog. I hope everyone’s day is going well. You may have noticed I haven’t posted in quite awhile but don’t worry I’m doing well. I am just figuring out my place in the blogging world. If you have any suggestions or blogging tips that would be fantastic, you can just drop them in the comments. Anyway let’s get started

Last week I was able to travel to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg Tennessee for spring break. I had so much fun and I’m so excited to share with you what we did there.


On Sunday we left before noon to start driving on the long journey to Tennessee. I took a lot of naps and watched quite a few movies on the way there. Finally after an eternity 😉 we made it to Tennessee just in time for supper. We ate some delicious thai food and went to try the alpine coasters. Then we went swimming before the pool closed.


I woke up super early around 7:00 a.m. to get to the ropes course before there were super long lines. For me I didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have just because everything was so shaky and there wasn’t a net to catch you if you fell. Quite awhile after I was begging to go mini golfing so we stopped at Professor Hacker’s golf course. I probably laughed more than I golfed but it was such a fun time and to end the night off we got indian food. I always like to get the Masala dosa with a side of rice.


I slept in pretty late because I didn’t sleep much the night before but we were still able to go to the Smoky Mountain National Park despite the rain. I enjoyed seeing all the waterfalls and being in the nature. For dinner we had Italian food which is my favorite. I could eat it everyday if I wanted to. For this particular night, we stopped at Squisito which was quite an interesting place. They made it right in front of you which was something different we don’t have back at home. For dessert we got Gina’s cupcakes which were very good. I would definitely recommend wedding cake if you have a Gina’s cupcake place near you. That was pretty much all we did due to the rain.


We started the day off by going to a place called Anakeesta. To get there you basically take a ski lift up the mountain to get to the park. I had a lot of fun seeing all the different things they had there. We were planning on it taking the whole day but we ended up only being there for about an hour and a half so we went mini golfing again at Fantasy Golf. I would definitely recommend this golf course if you’re in the area. Then we bought tickets and went go-karting. I don’t really remember where it was but it was right next to the golf course.


We started the long tiresome journey back home. The first thing I did when I got home was take a shower because I smelled like the cabin and that was a very weird smell and then I unpacked and chilled and that was basically the end of my spring break trip to Tennessee.

Well that was my spring break trip to Tennessee. I am so grateful I was able to go there for my spring break. I had a ton of fun and I miss it already haha. I hope you enjoyed reading this summary of my spring break.

A Typical Day in My Life: Sunday Edition

Hello everyone! I am so glad to be back on this blog. I would like to thank you all for understanding my absence last week. I feel much more refreshed and motivated to created more content. In this week’s post I decided to share what my Sunday’s are like. Let’s get on with it ➡

Disclaimer: Not all my Sunday’s are like this 🙂

1. Wake Up

Generally I wake up somewhere between 7:00 and 8:00 A.M but this morning I woke up at 7:54 A.M. I watched a movie before bed so I wasn’t able to go to sleep right away.

2. Breakfast

I ate a donut when I woke up because I was so hungry but aside from that I had French toast which was so delicious, vegetarian sausages, and some potatoes.

Thanks mom for cooking delicious breakfasts 🙂

3. Social Time

After breakfast I played with my dogs for a few hours and chatted with my friends and family.

4. Blog

Now I am working on this post that you are currently reading. If you make it to the end tell me how I did. I am always up for tips to improving my blog content 🙂

6. Tv

What’s a Sunday without tv? I pretty much watch TV every Sunday due to boredom and lots of freetime.

7. Dinner

I divulge the last meal of the day. Today I had leftovers and a bit of junk food.

8. Bedtime

I pretty much finished the day off with a bit more tv and then I went to sleep.

Thank you so much for joining me through my day. I enjoyed sharing what I do pretty much every Sunday.

Reacting To My Old Blog Posts

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all are having an amazing day today. Since I drafted a lot of my old posts before you all could see them, I decided that I should react to them. It’s been quite awhile since I wrote these so we’ll see if my content quality grew or shrank. Let’s get this show on the road.

1. The Key to Beauty

I remember this was my very first post I ever made. I made it almost immediately after I got my website open to the public. In my eyes (at the time) I thought this post was absolutely amazing. I was so proud of myself and felt like I was a professional blogger. Now looking back at it it’s not the worst thing in the world but it’s not the most amazing thing in the world either. I would definitely give it a 6/10.

2. A Girl Named Jupiter

Now I see why I put this in my drafts. I can’t even read these without cringing. The main reason why I actually wrote these were because all the blogs that were in my reader were making their own stories so of course I had to try it too but mine were a whole other story. I would definitely give it a 2/10 just for creativity because I guess since I had nothing better to do during quarantine I got really creative.

3. A Letter to You

I’m not sure what my inspiration for this was but somehow I was inspired to write a letter to those who were suffering from depression. This is the one draft I don’t necessarily regret because even though it’s not great, at least I was trying to help those who were suffering from depression.

4. Tips to Traveling on Your First Flight

This was my second post I did and it’s not too bad. I was definitely inspired to do this post since I had just come back from Las Vegas at the time. I would give it a 6\10

5. How to Overcome Distractions

Since we had online school, I remember getting so distracted at home. It was so hard for me to try and work at home so I wrote this post. I was definitely getting into the whole idea of blogging so that’s why I feel it was slightly more thought out.

6. How to Get Self-Motivation to Exercise

This was probably one of my favorite posts to this day. It really shows how my content began to grow and it was like a note to myself to exercise haha

7. Some More Quotes For You

This post was my first post where I got quite a few likes. Not that likes mean everything but I was so happy that people liked my content. That was a very exciting day for me.

8. My Favorite Somewhat Healthy Snacks

Looking back at this post I could definitely have dragged it a little longer. In my opinion this title is ridiculously hilarious to me. I absolutely love the tile 🙂 I would rate this post as 4/10 just for the title.

9. How I Got A Ukulele

How I got a ukulele was written pretty much near the 30 day gratitude series so I was so worn-out of content creating. I had absolutely no creativity and I felt second thoughts about blogging. I didn’t know if I actually wanted to blog but I’m so glad I persevered and kept blogging.

10. The Story of How I Got A Ukulele: The Experience

This was the last post I did in May 2020. I took a six day break to give myself some leisure time and rejuvenate. I would give it a 6\10 because it was good “at the time”

I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks post. I had such a fun time bringing this post to life. If you liked this post don’t forget to like it and stay tuned for more posts 🙂

What’s in My Purse

Happy Monday everyone! Can you believe it’s already February? Time flies way too fast 🙂 I decided for today’s post to share what’s in my purse. I figured it could be helpful for some of you or (hopefully) entertaining to the rest of you so let’s dig right into my kitchen sink.

Fun fact: When I was younger, I used to bring tons of stuff in my bag from everyday essentials like Chapstick to random things like band-aids and Neosporin so my mother use to call it my kitchen sink.

Steve Madden Handbags Dt571120 Black Handbag OneSize US: Handbags:
Pc: Amazon

This bag is probably one of my favorite bags I’ve had so far. I love that the strap is crossbody so it’s not as easy to come off your shoulder and this bag is actually pretty lightweight. I would say that if you have a big wallet like me, it might not be able to fit in this bag.

1. Phone

The first thing in my bag is usually my phone (unless it’s in my pocket). I like to carry my phone around me all the time. It’s definitely a responsibility to charge it and not lose it but It’s always nice to be able to check your blog stats on your phone.

2. Wallet

The next thing I have is my wallet. I always bring that in my bag so if I need to buy something then I’ll always have money with me.

3. Chapstick\ Lip Product

I carry Chapstick or some lip product in every single bag of mine because I am not a fan of dry or chapped lips. I have a bad habit of peeling the skin off my lip so for me it’s very convenient for me to carry around some sort of lip product. My favorite is the Vaseline lip therapy advanced healing 🙂

4. Hand Sanitizer

I’ve carried hand sanitizer in my bags for a long while. I think it’s always nice to sanitize your hands especially before eating. I especially love the Bath and Body Works pocket-bacs.

5. Sanitizing wipes

Pack of 3) Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes, Fresh Scent, Travel Pack, 20  Count - -

These wipes are so amazing for me. I wouldn’t say I was a germaphobe but I’m definitely germ cautious. I like to use these wipes to sanitize my hands and if I feel a surface like a public chair feels dirty then these definitely come in handy.

6. Mask

Normally if I had written this post in 2019, I would not include masks but since it is recommended to wear a mask. I like to keep a few masks in my purse so if they break or if I forget one then they are always there.

Things To Do Instead Of Using Your Phone

Hey friends! How are you all doing? I hope you all are having a wonderful day. I know I sure miss the warm sunny weather. Since I spend probably way too much time on my phone, I was inspired to create this post. I am trying to spend less time on my phone each day to really reflect and enjoy each day of my life without distractions so let’s get started with the post.

1. Stretch

For those of us who sit at our desks all day, stretching can be so relaxing after a long day. Stretching also has many benefits like posture, decrease in back pain, and more. Just make sure you don’t hold one stretch for too long as it can over stretch your muscles.

2. Learn a musical instrument

Learning a musical instrument might sound hard but there are a few instruments that only take a few months to master like the recorder or the ukulele and the best part is you can play your favorite tunes.

3.Take a walk

Walks are great exercise and sometimes they give you the most beautiful scenery. After I take walks, I feel so refreshed and happy I went on the walk.

4.Play a game

I honestly love to play games like Monopoly Jr or Uno. Although I don’t get to play them that often I really enjoy them when I am able to play.

5.Do a puzzle

I’m not too much of a puzzle person but when I start to enjoy doing a puzzle it’s always a lot of fun especially if you’re doing it with your friends.

If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like it and follow this blog for incoming content 🙂 I hope you all have an amazing day and hope to see you in the next post.

Why I Only Blog Once A Week

Bonjour! (Hello) Welcome back to the blog. I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far. I realized I haven’t done a bonus post in quite awhile so I decided to surprise you all with a bonus post. For today’s bonus post I will reveal why I only blog once a week (except this week of course) so let’s get started.

I don’t know if you know but when I started blogging I decided to do a 30 day gratitude challenge which was a lot of fun but since I was new to the blogging world it was one of the most challenging things to pull off. I remember the exact day the post was supposed to go public I was scrambling to get it up exactly at 12:00 a.m. I pretty much had to post every single day because I was so worn out from blogging and didn’t really know about the scheduled post feature.

After that I took quite a few hiatuses to try to revive myself but I lost most of my motivation to blog . I tried to force myself to blog twice a week and stick to a schedule but it was so hard for me. It just felt like it was turning into more of a chore than a hobby. School started soon after and I was so busy I had completely forgotten to blog for the whole month of August.

Luckily my mom reminded me to blog in the month of September and that was when I started my new “schedule.” It’s more of a reminder for me to blog once a week but it’s what helps me to stay motivated and keep making creative content on the blog so there you go! That is the reason I blog only once a week usually. I would love to blog more than once a week but I feel like I’m more rushed and not as creative as I could be.

I am so grateful for all of you who have joined my blogging journey and I hope to keep creating and expanding my blog in 2021. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I’ll see you all in the next post.

P.S. If you have any particular posts you would like to see on this blog you can find me in the comments or contact me here