Skincare Review: Earth to Skin

Hello! Welcome back to the blog. I hope y’all are doing well. I finally found something to review and if you saw the title I am going to review the skincare line Earth to Skin. Before I start I wanted to quickly say I don’t have every single product from their line so I’ll just be reviewing the products I have.

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If you didn’t know, Walmart has a skincare line called Earth to Skin. Earth to Skin has skincare items from cleansers to eye creams. Earth to skin states they’re based off of natural ingredients so no petroleum,sulfates,and parabens. The best part is every product is only $7-10.Yep, you read that right. Earth to Skin also has Earth to Skin starter kits which are great if you’re not sure if you’d like the certain products. They’re only $10 too with about four products in each kit. Now that you know what Earth to Skin is,keep reading to find out what I thought about Earth to Skin.

I would give this cleanser a 4/5. It had a super nice scent which wasn’t too strong or too subtle. It did have exfoliating beads so if you don’t like those then this cleanser is probably not for you. It was super gentle and didn’t irritate my skin which was great. It made my skin feel super smooth and kind of tight but it did brighten my skin just a little bit.

This serum gets a 5/5. It had an amazing watermelon scent. The combination of my cold hands and this serum was absolutely fantastic. It felt so great and it left my skin super moisturized and smooth.

I had purchased the super greens day and night gel cream and these were a totally different story. First of all a small dollop of these was enough to moisturize your whole face. I didn’t enjoy these products as much as the others primarily because I tend to have more oily skin so when I used these products they gave me breakouts as a cause of too much oil in my skin. If you have dry skin this would probably be a great option for you but I will probably not be buying these two items again.

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Skincare on a budget

We all want to save money but especially when buying beauty products as though sometimes we don’t always have a lot of dough to drop down on a product that might only last a few weeks. Here’s some tips to buy skincare on a budget.

  1. Remember pricey isn’t always good: I’m not saying pricey is bad because it’s your choice on what you spend your money on but there are many brands out there that have great packaging but they either don’t really work or they lead to more problems on your skin.
  2. Do your research: Ask your dermatologist or aesthetician on what they recommend you to use on your skin or research on the internet some similar products.
  3. Drugstore brands offer similar products for less money: Some drugstore brands can be effective and half as much money than original brands.
  4. Health: Your health can play a big part in your skin problems. It’s not everyone’s case but for some people(like me) if I eat unhealthy for a week my skin gets a lot of pimples and my skin gets greasy. Drinking water can help your digestive system flush out toxins from your body which in return will improve your skin.

Those are the few tips I have which you may have heard but hopefully these helped you and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask 🙂