Skincare Review: Earth to Skin

Hello! Welcome back to the blog. I hope y’all are doing well. I finally found something to review and if you saw the title I am going to review the skincare line Earth to Skin. Before I start I wanted to quickly say I don’t have every single product from their line so I’ll just be reviewing the products I have.

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If you didn’t know, Walmart has a skincare line called Earth to Skin. Earth to Skin has skincare items from cleansers to eye creams. Earth to skin states they’re based off of natural ingredients so no petroleum,sulfates,and parabens. The best part is every product is only $7-10.Yep, you read that right. Earth to Skin also has Earth to Skin starter kits which are great if you’re not sure if you’d like the certain products. They’re only $10 too with about four products in each kit. Now that you know what Earth to Skin is,keep reading to find out what I thought about Earth to Skin.

I would give this cleanser a 4/5. It had a super nice scent which wasn’t too strong or too subtle. It did have exfoliating beads so if you don’t like those then this cleanser is probably not for you. It was super gentle and didn’t irritate my skin which was great. It made my skin feel super smooth and kind of tight but it did brighten my skin just a little bit.

This serum gets a 5/5. It had an amazing watermelon scent. The combination of my cold hands and this serum was absolutely fantastic. It felt so great and it left my skin super moisturized and smooth.

I had purchased the super greens day and night gel cream and these were a totally different story. First of all a small dollop of these was enough to moisturize your whole face. I didn’t enjoy these products as much as the others primarily because I tend to have more oily skin so when I used these products they gave me breakouts as a cause of too much oil in my skin. If you have dry skin this would probably be a great option for you but I will probably not be buying these two items again.

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A Girl’s Guide to Summer Skincare

Hi there! I’m Hope Leilani from, and I am so happy to be guest posting on The Planet of Positivity today! Thank you so much Martina for inviting me!

A little bit about me

I’m a lifestyle + wellness blogger, entrepreneurial teen, and an enthusiast in living my life to the fullest. I share inspiration, lifestyle tips, recipes, beauty, natural living, and more. I’m so excited to share with you today about natural skincare for the summertime, so let’s get into it!

Now that we’re officially in to summer, the sun is out, the shorts are out, and so is our skin! For us girls, our skincare is a huge part of our daily lives, and helping it be it’s best in the summertime is super important. With the dryer weather, more sun exposure, pools, sweat, and more, our skincare routine may need to be rearranged a little bit so that our skin gets all the care it needs with the new season!

Summer Skincare Routine Steps & Tips

c l e a n s e, n o u r i s h, & m o i s t u r i z e

These three steps (along with toner below) are the base of happy, healthy skin. For the summertime, you will want these three main products to brighten, nourish, and hydrate your skin and keep it healthy and glowing. My favorite facial cleanser, serum, and moisturizer lately have been the BLOOM skincare trio by Young Living. This trio is formulated specifically to brighten and give a glowy, dewy look to your skin.

b a l a n c e & e x f o l i a t e

Using a toner after cleansing will balance and restore your skin’s Ph while helping to dissolve any extra dirt and yuckies that have stayed in your pores after cleansing. Witch hazel and apple cider vinegar are both wonderful options for a natural, effective toner. This glowy and dewy green tea facial mist has been my favorite for toning and adding nutrients to my skin during the summer!

Exfoliating is also a super important part of your facial wellness as it removes dead skin cells to reveal, new bright ones. Make sure you are always gentle with this step, as being too rough can hurt instead of help. You’ll want to do this 2-3 times a week for best results! You can make your own exfoliator, or you can buy a natural one like this one.

h y d r a t e & b r i g h t e n e y e s

Your eyes may be a forgotten part of your facial regimen, but it is so important! The sun can take a toll on your eyes, and so it’s important to give them some love and hydration. To keep them bright, hydrated, and youthful, make sure to add an under eye serum or cream to your regimen after moisturizing. This is a great one from 100% Pure made with coffee beans and green tea to help with dark circles and puffiness. I love doing this morning and night!

m a s s a g e & d e t o x i f y

Jade rolling is a wonderful way to sooth, detoxify, and massage your skin. I love to do this after applying my serum so that it pushes in the nourishment of the serum even more while massaging my skin and detoxifying my lymph nodes. The serum (brightening essence) I use is listed above in the first step from the BLOOM skincare trio. Here is a helpful and super simple video on how to jade roll!

r e s t o r e & n o u r i s h

Applying a face mask one to two times a week in the summertime will refresh and renew your skin even more. Make sure to pick (or make) ones with antioxidants and vitamins to protect and heal your skin from the summertime sunshine, weather, and pollutants. I love to make my own face masks, but there are also some really amazing and natural ones that you can buy. Check out Sand & Sky for some lovely ones.

p r o t e c t & h e a l

As we are going to be in the sun a lot during the summer, we need to protect our lovely skin from the UV rays of the sun. Sunshine is actually amazing for your skin and your health in moderate amounts, but too much can have harmful effects. So to be safe and protected, adding sunscreen to your skincare routine before putting on your makeup will keep your skin healthy and youthful. Make sure to use a natural sunscreen, as chemical based ones can actually be harmful to your skin and may cause irritation and breakouts. I love using Young Living’s pure mineral sunscreen, which is formulated with skin loving zinc.

If you happen to get a little bit too much sun, then using pure aloe vera gel will do wonders in healing and restoring your skin! I love using it after being out in the sun for a while, or right after cleansing.

☀ Summer skincare routine in correct order

  1. Cleanse – everyday, morning & night
  2. Face mask – 1-2 x a week
  3. Exfoliate at night – 2-3 x a week
  4. Tone – everyday, morning & night
  5. Serum – everyday, morning & night
  6. Jade roll – everyday; morning, night, or both
  7. Moisturize – everyday, morning & night
  8. Eye cream – everyday; morning, night, or both
  9. Sunscreen – everyday, or when going outside
  10. Aloe vera – if sun-kissed/sunburned or whenever you feel like it’s needed!

This may sound like quite a few steps, but it is honestly quite simple and not everything is needed everyday. You can either add on to your skincare routine that you already have, or create a new one from this guide. I have personally found that my facial care routine is really therapeutic and a wonderful opportunity to take care of yourself, say affirmations, and just feel refreshed.

I hope that you enjoyed this Girl’s Guide to Summer Skincare, and that you get your glow on while enjoying your summer! What do you do for your summer skincare? Let me know your thoughts + questions in the comments below!