Hi there! My name is Martina and I am the blogger behind the Planet of Positivity Blog. Growing up I had many ideas of hobbies I wanted to try including gymnastics, karate, and cheerleading. I eventually took karate for six years of my life until I recently quit back in December of 2019. By March of 2020, I was searching for a hobby that I could do that would sustain my boredom and be fun and exciting. My mom gave me options and I decided to try blogging. That day I started looking for a blogging platform and found WordPress. I immediately started setting up the blog and I chose the name Iamtheblogger7. It didn’t take long until I decided I did not like that name. It looked unprofessional and didn’t fit my expectations. It took me approx. one hour to come up with the name Planet of Positivity. I decided to make this blog to give someone a reason to smile or laugh, and so I can look back at it and show my kids one day. To whoever is reading this,thank you for stopping by and I hope you visit again soon.